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ATLANTIS Consulting provides high-level advisory services to support private companies, international organizations and national or regional governments to finance their investment plans and to achieve their development goals.

funded companies
1 billion euro
total amount of financing
international partnerships

General Entrepreneurship: DEVELOPMENT LAW 4399/2016

Γρηγόρης Καλαμακίδης
Ceo, President

Gregorios Kalamakidis

Άγγελος Μαγκλής

Angelos Manglis


Steliou Kazantzidi 47, Thermi
GR- 57001
Tel.: 2310 531000, Fax: 2310 552265
e-mail: info@atlantisresearch.gr,




Katechaki Avenue 17 GR-11525
Tel.: 210 6563800/810, Fax: 210 6563801
e-mail: infoath(at)atlantisresearch.gr



Working hours

Monday - Friday: 09:00 - 17:30

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