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Άγγελος Μαγκλής
&nbsp Angelos Manglis is Founder of ATLANTIS CONSULTING SA He holds a degree in Civil Engineering and a Masters Degree in Technology Development and Industrial Strategy from the University of Manchester (PREST) ​​- UK. He is a member of the DG Evaluation Network. It also represents ATLANTIS in European Commission bodies such as ETEPS (European Techno-Economic Policy Support Network) and TII (Technology, Innovation, Information).He has been honored as a member of the Hellenic Association of Mobile Applications for his personal contribution to the founding of the Association and his significant contribution to the success of the vision for the creation of the Hellenic Mobile Cluster. He has over twenty-five years of experience in science and technology policy, evaluation and evaluation of national programs, innovation management, technology transfer / know-how / access to capital and business development at regional and interregional level.

Angelos Maglis has extensive experience as head of European Research Programs in FP3 / FP4 / FP5 / FP6 / FP7 / H2020 in projects such as UP-NET, GATE2START, MULTITRAIN, CHANGE2IT, MOBIP, EMMINVEST, LAB4DIVE and others. He has prepared dozens of business plans for high-tech companies with the proper market research and marketing plans.

He has been a member and sponsor of IENAE (Institute of Underwater Archaeological Research) since 2005 and has been a voluntary non-stop participant in the Institute's underwater archaeological research. He has participated in the postgraduate program of the School of Philosophy of AUTH, in the field of Prehistoric Archeology. She has been a scuba diver since 1992, a Scuba Diver and has founded and participated in 2 diving centers.

He is also responsible for important projects concerning the exploitation of the European and Greek underwater cultural heritage:

  • Lead Partner in the NSRF Award-winning Project Flag - Model Innovative Development Plan "Upper Magniton Islands", which concerns the creation of the largest Inland Visible Archaeological Park in the world in Magnesia.

  • The BLUEMED project (Interreg MED) seeks to study for the first time worldwide the best practices for the conservation and promotion of the underwater cultural heritage, and in particular the reference to the operation of underwater archaeological sites (underwater museums) in ancient wrecks.
  • The UCRCA (Horizon 2020) project aims to create and promote "Underwater Routes in Classical Antiquities" as an EASME new tourism product, with the involvement and collaboration of specialized scientists in the fields of tourism, underwater archeology and research / creation / pre-creation innovative products.

  • The Lab4Dive project (Horizon 2020) is about designing, developing and evaluating a highly innovative and competitive product, called "PortableSmartLab", which can be used by archaeologists doing underwater research, as a support tool for research, recording and protection of the underwater cultural heritage.

  • The project MAGNA (EASME) is mainly for educational and potential commercial purpose and aims at the creation of an international thematic tourism product / service, which deals with "Greater Greece". As part of the project's research, a documentary will be shot where relevant material will be promoted to promote archaeological culture in four regions of Greece and Italy respectively.

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