The project aims to support competent government authorities to develop strategies, plans and policies for local coastal and island economies of the Mediterranean region (BLUEMED) European (MED region) in adopting a sustainable and responsible model for tourism development and generally promote Blue growth. This will be achieved by planning, testing and coordinating Underwater Museums, Diving Parks and Knowledge Awareness Centers (KACs). For the implementation of this project 10 partners will collaborate, € 2.8 M will be invested, and the program’s duration is estimated for 36 months.

Purpose – Mission – Vision

• State-of-the-art analysis of marine protected areas, underwater museums and diving parks.
• Assessment of strategies, plans and policies related to National Legal Frameworks for underwater museums and diving parks.
• Guidelines for marine ecosystem’s sustainability and minimum impact of activities.
• Design and development of augmented diving services and technological solutions for knowledge awareness centres

The pilot sites of BLUEMED

There are four BLUEMED underwater archaeological sites – two in Italy, one in Croatia and one in Greece. For each country, an augmented diving system and a knowledge awareness centre will be developed.

• The Underwater Archeological Park of Baiae, Italy – MIBACTISCR
• The MPA of Capo Rizzuto, Italy – UNICAL
CROATIA: The Cavtat Underwater Archaeological Sites, Croatia – DUNEA, UNIZG-FER

• The Classical Shipwreck, North of «Kokalia» Bay, in the sea area of Peristera, Alonnisos
• Shipwreck at Kikinthos, at the West Shores of the South Pagasetic Gulf
• Akra Glaros, at the West Shores of the of the South Pagasetic Gulf
• Tilegrafos Bay. Two Shipwrecks, at the West Shores of the South Pagasetic Gulf

BLUEMED partners:

1. Regional Development Fund – Region of Thessaly
2. Atlantis Consulting S.A.
3. Regional Development Agency Dubrovnik – Neretva County DUNEA
4. Foundation University Enterprise of the Region of Murcia
5. Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism of Italy – ISCR
6. Ministry of Culture and Sports of Greece – Ephorate of Underwater Antiquities
7. University of Cyprus
8. University of Zagreb Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing
9. University of Calabria
10. University of Patras

BLUEMED Associated Partners

• Province of Crotone – Marine Protected Area “CAPO RIZZUTO“
• Municipality of Pylos-Nestor
• National Museum of Underwater Archaeology ARQUA
• Parco Archeologico dei Campi Flegrei