Health Conference «Η Πληροφορική Υγείας σε περίοδο Covid-19»

Health Conference "Health Informatics during Covid-19"

On June, 15 and 16, 2021, the Health IT Conference entitled "Health Informatics in the Covid-19 period" was held online. Mr. Angelos Maglis was invited to the Round Table on Investments and New Financing Tools in the Digital Health Sector: Methods of Utilizing Them.  

During the discussion, Mr. Maglis proposed part of the recovery fund dedicated to digital health to be used to create new specialized business participations in the field of digital health. The amount that can be utilized from public funding is between 30-70 million euros. He pointed out that the benefits are many and important as: 

  1. Immediate absorption of funds from the development fund is ensured.
    2. The amount of funds becomes leverage with direct private participation by limited partners in the amount of 30%.
    3. Τα κεφάλαια έχουν άμεσα πολλαπλασιαστικό και αναπτυξιακό χαρακτήρα στην αγορά με αναλογία τουλάχιστον 1:10.
    4. They directly mobilize resources from start up groups for the development of innovative digital health services competing globally as opposed to investments in digital health by the Greek state which for objective reasons of public sector procurement can not be in the state of the art of innovation and competitiveness.
    5. They reverse the drain-brain phenomenon and turn it into brain-gain and finally,
    6. They create that critical specialized mass of funding and specialized support mechanism in the digital health ecosystem that enables real development of services that compete internationally.

    Obviously, for all the above, the mechanism of bond convertible loans can be used and at the same time, the return of funds to the Greek government, which will be the main limited partner, can be ensured.

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